Welcome by Charlemagne

I am Charlemagne, born „2 April 747“, or - according to the footnote - alternatively in one of the years 742 or 748 or other [en.wikipedia, Charlemagne], and died „28 January 814“ [ibid., really without a footnote indicating alternatives!]. Whether I really lived or whether I was invented, as some chronology critics or chronology revisionists think, I cannot say after so long time any more with certainty. But if I was invented, then I am a better invention than King Arthur!

This is my personal website, but it is hardly about my person, but about the topics I deal with and which I want to share with the world, so also with you.

The first topic is of course “Baking and Cooking Recipes” („Back- und Kochrezepte“, see next to the left or above in the navigation bars) – after all, we all need something good for the stomach. [Unfortunately, these recipes are not yet available in english.]

The second topic is then „Chronology and History“. After I had learned that a Mr. Illig believes to have found out, that about 300 or more exactly 297 years of the early Middle Ages did not take place at all, but were invented in later times [Fantomzeit; Zeitensprünge], I wanted to get to the ground of the matter myself and made my own investigations.

However, I did not start in Aachen, but in Trier, after all the oldest city in Germany, which I know personally also well. There, finally, a 2000-year stratigraphy would have to be expected, and with this the so-called „Phantom time thesis“ of Mr. Illig would be settled. I therefore acquired specialist literature written by Trier archaeologists and historians and studied it and summarized my findings in several articles. And I came to astonishing results! But read them yourself!

In the meantime, I have learned from Swedish dendrochronologists, i.e., people who can determine the age of wood by means of its annual rings, that the Roman period in Germany is at least 218 to 232 years younger than it is written in our history books. Take a look at Dendrochronology and Archaeoastronomy and see the results reported there. This article is now the first one to be available in English on my website.

At the end of June 2022 I published the article Frühes Christentum in Britannien ohne Kirchenbauten (Early Christianity in Britain without church buildings), which unfortunately is not yet available in English.

And be happy with the good tools you have available at your time. DeepL was a great help to me. If I had had such a tool in my time, I would have been able to go beyond the diplomatic formulas more intensively with Harun al-Rashid!

Kind regards
Your Charlemagne

Last but not least, I would like to give you the opportunity to give me feedback, ask questions, make suggestions (see the item „Imprint & Contact“ on the left). And because you thereby entrust me with your e-mail address and I additionally ask you for a name, with which I can address you in my eventual reply, I am of course also obliged to explain to you in a „Privacy policy“, what I intend to do with your personal data.